Monday, April 20, 2015

The "Now" Emmaus walk

My husband and I just moved. New house, new town, new job, new church, new circumstances, new experience.....
It's all still unfamiliar, a little bewildering, and specially for my husband, a little unsure regarding our future. It's the starting point for our "Emmaus walk" 

Luke chapter 24 tells us a very enthralling story. Jesus had been crucified, and had died a horrible suffering death. The two men walking on the road to Emmaus were still reeling in the sight of it, still trying to understand all they had seen. They were talking about it when another man joined them not only in walking, but also in their conversation. They didn't know this man was Jesus until the end of their journey. This story begins with disbelief and sadness, but ends with joy, excitement, love, and true devotion. Why? Because Jesus had made himself KNOWN to them! He had opened their eyes, their hearts, and their minds to the reality that He was alive! And that all He had said to them was true! He equipped them and let them know it was time to move forward, to live in their NOW, and they did it with joy and excitement.

Our journey must also be in the "NOW". Moving forward. No matter what has happened in your past, whether it was trial or glory, Jesus is taking us on our Now Emmaus road. He wants to tell us something new, something different. Something thrilling! And He wants to walk right there beside us. Seeing our expressions of joy. Holding us up when we are weary, and sad. Never letting us be alone.

Have your problems and disappointments kept you from seeing Jesus right beside you? Ask Him today for a fresh Emmaus Road encounter. One that will cause you to look forward to a future bright with hope and excitement about eternal possibilities through Him!

The new NOW in your life will be the beginning of all the answers you are searching for. It will put you on the walk that will lead you home. And no matter how your walk begins, if you walk with the realization that Jesus is walking with you, then your walk will always end in joy.

Be sure and read the story for yourself! And let me know what you think! 

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