Saturday, February 9, 2013

I was a turkey headed mule

When I was a little girl growing up in Youngstown,Ohio, my mom used to drive me and my sisters around to the various stores in the family station wagon. I specifically remember her yelling out the window at someone who would cut her off in traffic, or just make her angry in general, "You turkey headed mule!"
Now me and my sister Debbie would giggle uncontrollably at this statement, as we would try to imagine what  a "turkey headed mule" might look like! Debbie being the artist in the family, I'm pretty sure she tried to draw one!
But as I've grown older and encountered a few turkey headed mules in my life, I have realized that I am the biggest one of all!
Let me explain; A turkey, by definition is a large bird that struts around showing off its feathers, and is known to be both gullible and comical! It makes a funny gobbling noise, and ends up on the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner!
Now the mule, as everyone knows, is just plain strong and STUBBORN!
What a combination!
Even though I was called at a very young age to be both a nurse and a missionary, I continuously got in my own way. I walked around life, strutting my feathers, filled with "self importance", being both gullible and I'm sure comical to those who were watching. I ended up feeling "eaten alive" by my own self induced circumstances. And even though I knew what I needed to do to break out of the oven, I was too willful and stubborn to change.
I was a turkey headed mule!
Luckily, I finally realized it, got down on my knees, cried out to a loving and forgiving Savior, and He pulled me right out of the fire. (Literally!)
Am I still stubborn? Well ask my husband and he will say yes. And at times I am still a little gullible.
But because of God's word I now know that if I "apply my heart to understanding, He will guard my course and protect my way......because WISDOM will be pleasant to my soul!" Proverbs chapter 2

I am no longer a turkey headed mule. I am His child. I am chosen. I am waiting for Him to reveal all that He has for me! Cuz He makes All things beautiful in His time. Even turkey headed mules!